Developing an Online Presence: Science Communication in the Digital Age

Come join us for this science communication workshop and sharpen your online skills!

During a time where most work, social activities and research promotion occurs online, developing an online presence and connecting with peers via social media and other online platforms is becoming essential. To target this, the SOBR 2020 Committee is hosting a science communication workshop with the focus of developing your online presence. 

We have two exceptional and experienced science communicators hosting this event. Dr Deena Ebaid (The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health) and Dr Wade Kelly (La Trobe University) will deliver an interactive webinar to provide some helpful tips and tricks to increase your personal brand and communication skills in the scientific field. 

This virtual event is available to all postgraduate research students (Honours, Masters or PhD) who are members of the SOBR network this year. You can join up or renew your 2020 membership for free here: SOBR Membership.

The workshop will cover:
* How to develop and maintain your social media presence
* Engaging the community via your personal website and online presentations
* Networking and connecting with others in your field online and via social media

Thursday 29 October, 1-3pm

Online via any Zoom compatible device
(Zoom link will be provided prior to the event)

Free! Tickets are limited so don’t miss out

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!