2020 SOBR Committee Election

Elections for the 2020 SOBR committee will be held on Thursday 5th December at 5.30pm at the Melbourne Brain Centre (30 Royal Parade, Parkville).

To nominate for a position, simply email secretary@sobrnetwork.org by midday Thursday 5th December and let us know which position you would like to run for. Please specify your current appointment (e.g. masters by research, PhD candidate etc.) and year level if applicable.

Please find a description for each position available below:

President: The president sets the agenda for and chairs committee meetings. It is the president’s responsibility to ensure that all tasks are being completed to a high standard by committee members and as such, will occasionally be required to contribute to each role. The president presents the opening and closing addresses at both the dinner and symposium. They are invited to sit on several committees, representing SoBR. It is also their responsibility to correspond with prestigious invited speakers and liaise with our most valued sponsors.

Vice-President: The vice-president assists the president and chairs meetings in their absence.

Secretary: The secretary is in charge of taking minutes and circulating them, and keeps track of all ongoing action items and their deadlines. The secretary also acts as students liaison officer.

Treasurer: The treasurer manages all incoming and outgoing monies from SOBR.

Finance Team (1 position): The finance team member supports the treasurer, and help manage sponsorship received by SoBR.

Events Manager (Professional Development Dinner): The event manager (Dinner) carries out the inner workings (finding venue, negotiating price etc.) of the professional development dinner with the help of the SoBR committee, while working with and delegating tasks to other events team members.

Event Manager (Symposium): The event manager (Symposium) coordinates the planning and running of the annual SoBR symposium, and  works as part of the events team for the SoBR professional development dinner.

Event Team (2 positions): The event team support the event managers and provide assistance with dinner and symposium planning.

Media Manager: The media manager is in charge of the social media presence of SoBR across all platforms (website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), advertising for upcoming events, and design of visual material.

Media Team (2 positions): The media team supports the media manager with social media presence, advertising for upcoming events and design of visual material. The media team also shares relevant scientific news and opportunities on social media.

Non-Steering Member: The non-steering member provides support to members of the SOBR committee where delegated (i.e supporting media team, event team during busy periods.)

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or queries.