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SOBR Symposium 2013

The SOBR Network would like to thank the following organisations and institutes for their generous support:

The ICT for Life Sciences Forum
Globally, there is now much activity in what is referred to as the “new biology”, the marrying of the life and medical sciences with engineering, mathematics, materials science and computing. The new biology, or convergence science, offers the hope of adding to our knowledge and understanding about important health issues that will result in new technologies and innovation which promise to transform healthcare.  Some talk about the new biology as leading to the era of personalized or precision medicine, where an individual is treated based on their genetic and other information.

The ICT for Life Sciences Forum is a unique initiative of like-minded organisations in Melbourne, committed to bringing together researchers with an interest in the opportunities for innovation and research offered by the new biology.

The Forum holds regular presentations from local and international experts to discuss how the convergence of disciplines is making a profound impact on improved diagnosis and the treatment of health conditions.  The Forum encourages new relationships between researches, including early career researchers, and opportunities for collaboration between local and international scientists.

Members of the public who wish to be kept up to date with the latest developments in science also attend events.  The Forum profiles the exciting range of convergence science taking place in Melbourne across fields such as neuroscience, bionics, systems biology and bioinformatics.
The ICT for Life Sciences Forum also organises the annual Graeme Clark Oration, a major public event that celebrates the achievements of Professor Graeme Clark, one of Australia’s greatest scientists.
All Forum events are open to the public and free of charge and many presentations are available for viewing online at www.ict4lifesciences.org.au

The Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre, known as ‘MAPrc’, is a clinical research centre based both within Monash University and Alfred Health. We were founded in 1994 with three staff members and since then we have grown to 170 staff and students. Our catchphrase is ‘We mend minds’ which encapsulates our aim to develop new treatments, new understanding and new approaches for people with severe mental illnesses.

Our five key areas of psychiatry research are women’s mental health, psychiatric neurotechnology, psychopharmacology, mental health services research and cognitive neuropsychology. Currently we are running 102 clinical trials, and as a clinical research centre we are able to translate research discoveries through our clinics: Women’s Mental Health, TMS Depression and Voices Clinic.

We have had a number of world-first discoveries. Professor Kulkarni is leading the field in the understanding and use of hormones for the treatment of women with schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses. Professor Fitzgerald is a world leader in the development of brain stimulation techniques for depression, including the development of deep brain stimulation. Other ground-breaking research includes Professor Rossell’s work in cognitive strategies for people with schizophrenia, Dr Enticott’s new brain stimulation treatments for autism, Dr Kate Hoy’s work with magnetic seizure therapy, Dr Maller’s work with diffusion tensor imaging and Dr Stuart Lee’s consultancy work with large service delivery programs in mental health.

MAPrc offers a unique opportunity to work both in research and clinical practice. What motivates us at MAPrc is seeing people with serious mental health problems being able to progress in their lives through our innovative research-based treatments. The long waiting lists for our clinics are an indication of how much the community values our work. You can find more about the different research streams and hear from some of our researchers on our YouTube channel as well as read more about us on our website. We are always looking for enthusiastic, bright, motivated honours/post graduate students. A list of our current projects can be found here.

and also:
La Trobe UniversityMonash UniversityUniversity of MelbourneNeuroscience & Behavioural Sciences Research DomainMelbourne Neuroscience InstituteBionic Vision AustraliaAustralian Neuroscience SocietyThe Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental HealthGraduate Student AssociationBionics InstituteSociety for NeuroscienceMonash Postgraduate AssociationSwinburne University, and Victoria Life Sciences Computational Initiative.



Networking Dinner ‘Science shaping our world’

The SOBR Network would like to thank the following organisations and institutes for their generous support:

La Trobe University, Monash University, University of MelbourneNeuroscience & Behavioural Sciences Research Domain, Bionic Vision Australia, Australian Neuroscience Society, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health, Graduate Student AssociationBionics Institute, Society for Neuroscience and MAPrc.