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Beyond the Lab: Rebranding your Science

Australia’s future neuroscientists will converge at the State Library of Victoria on 25 May for the Students of Brain Research (SOBR) Network’s annual professional development dinner.

Victorian Lead Scientist, Leonie Walsh, and prominent consumer psychologist and regular on the Gruen Transfer, Adam Ferrier, will speak on the theme of “Beyond the Lab: Rebranding your Science” to an audience of students and VIPs from top brain research institutes and industry.

“This year’s dinner is an important event for the Victorian neuroscience community, said Tom Burns, 2016 SOBR president.

“The SOBR networking dinner brings together the next generation of Neuroscience research leaders from across the whole of Melbourne. ANS views this as a fantastic opportunity for the development of collaborative relationships that will be critical for the future success of these researchers in an environment that will be focussed on multidisciplinary teams, according to Professor Andrew Allen and Associate Professor Chris Reid from the Australian Neuroscience Society and Department of Physiology at the University of Melbourne.

Associate Professor Joseph Ciorciari and Director of the Brain & Psychological Sciences Research Centre at Swinburne University stated that “It is becoming quite clear that neuroscience and its developments are making great contributions to our understanding of normal and abnormal behaviours. In fact, many treatment interventions in psychology actually demonstrate neural correlates. Research into understanding these brain mechanisms help with the development of better treatments, interventions and understanding. Neuroscience is also a well trusted ”brand” which is looked on as a positive force for good.

“The brain is the most complex and least understood organ in the human body. Neuroscience research is critical in providing a clearer understanding into the causes of neurological and psychiatric disorders so that treatments can be better targeted” said Associate Professor Siew Chai from Monash University’s Department of Physiology.

The SOBR networking dinner is an exciting event that facilitates collaboration and networking between Victorian universities and research institutions.

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